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amara_starleaf's Journal

Kylie Harrell
18 January
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Welcome dear traveler to my page.
As you travel through the galleries,
beware. You never know what you may
find lurking on those pages. Here you
will find things of darkness and light.
Creatures that you may have half-glimpsed
before out of the corner of your eye,
only to turn and find that it had

Be wary, not all who are beautiful
are good... nor are all the deformed
and ugly, evil. Not all who wander
are lost.

Come, oh human child and rejoice in
seeing these creatures on paper and
not in the waking world! Travel
through the worlds of my art and


My name is Kylie Harrell, and
I am an aspiring fantasy artist. My goal is
to get my art known to the world as well as
make some money off of it: (To fund both my
artistic endevors and schooling). My art is
my life, I don't think I could continue on
without it! ^^
I do commissions, if anyone is interested.
And to my fellow artists, I may be interested
in doing art trades.
I will be posting quite a bit of new art here in this LJ,
so if you see something you wish to
purchase, or if you have an idea you would
like for me to bring to life for you, feel
free to PM me and we can talk. ^^

Fare thee well,