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Feb. 18th, 2009

Hello everyone.
My name is Kylie, and I'm an artist. I'm new to Livejournal (I was told it was a good networking site) and thusly I made one. ^^
I am going to use this site mainly for artistic purposes so feel free to comment, critique, or ask about any art I post here.
What type of art do I make?
I make paintings, drawings, sculptures, ect. of the fantasy/mythic genre.
If you see something you wish to own, feel free to ask about it. I don't bite, I swear! lol
I rather like drawing faeries and fey creatures. If you're looking for a tinkerbell, supercute, girly-girl fairy you probably won't find it here. Most of my art has a tendancy to have a strange or mysterious air about it. (as it should, because the inspiration for most of my pieces is my very vivid dreams.)
Feel free to add me to your friendslist

Also, if you wish to add me on deviantart or myspace here are the links:

I will be updating those with my art as well. (the myspace however, has some of my old art on it. so if you wish to see my style, feel free to visit there.)
Fare thee well!