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Book reviews #2

So I took a break from reading to dye my hair and whatnot... back to reading again though. =P
(ratings 1-5. 1 being worst, 5 being being best)

"Mirror Mirror" - Gregory Maguire
Rating 4.5
It didn't have an ending... and im pretty sure this isn't part of a series. Other then that I rather liked it. Mirror Mirror is a re-telling of Snow White. I REALLY liked what Maguire has done with the dwarves. Bianca (snow white) is not a princess. There is no step-mother/evil queen, though she is there in a sense. Rather well thought out. I like it!

"Way of the witch" - Jan Siegel
Rating 10!!!!!! (yes i realize my scale only goes to 5. this is how much I enjoyed it!!!)
This book (actually, this was a bound collection of the whole trilogy) made me cry. I want it. If I could find a copy somewhere I would totally buy it...or trade for it.
It takes ordinary people and puts them with the extroirdinary. Magic, Atlantis, Dragons, Evil lurking on every corner... oh how I love it. Words cannot describe. Go out and find it today!!!!

"What-the-dickens (the story of a rogue tooth fairy)" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 3
I had a hard time getting through the first fourth of this book. In fact, it was so slow that I skipped ahead until I saw some interesting words and continued reading.
The only parts I ended up reading were the parts that actually told the tale of the tooth fairy.... I'm sure someone out there would read it in its entirety, but I had not the patience.

"Missing Sisters" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 4.5
It was almost too simplistic for me to enjoy, but I rather liked the storyline and how it was put together.
Kinda like "the parent trap" but with a twist. Twins, nuns, and family.

On the side I'm also reading a big book of Fairy tales by Perrult (which im enjoying) and "the brown fairy book" by andrew lang... which im not enjoying very much at all... I think its because most of the tales in it so far are from the middle east, and in being from there, repeat themselves ALOT...
Also reading "thrall's tale" cant remember the author... its very good though, and "the green man: tales from the mythic forest" which is a collective of tales. also very good so far. =3

More book reviews to come soon!