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New year book reviews!

So, after eating some pie last night and shouting to the world "BEST PIE EVER!!!" when the clock struck, I started reading the pile of library books I got yesterday.

Methinks book reviews will be an ongoing thing here on my livejournal.
Ratings 1-5, 5 being very good, 1 being not so good.

First books of the new year:

"The Good Neighbors: Kith" - Holly Black
Rating: 4.5
I'm rather liking this series. This being the second book. It is a graphic novel about faeries in a modern setting. (btw if you havnt read her "tithe" trilogy go do it. thats a definate 5 for me.)

"Kissing the witch (old tales in new skins)" - Emma Donoghue
Rating: 3
I don't know if I liked this or not. On one hand I had to applaud the layout of the book (each story is told in refrence to the preceeding story, each with their own character telling it) but on the other, though some were witty and good, I think they could have been more filled out. I usually love re-told fairy tales... but this one I just dont think I would go out and buy.
(I was however happy that I could figure out what the original tales were. some were tricky.)

"Matchless (a christmas story)" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 4
A VERY simple book with cute illustrations. Not quite adult, not quite childrens... But then again I never thought of "the little match girl" as a childrens tale. Maguire weaves the match girl's tale with that of a little boy, and though melencholy, the tale has more filling.
I rather liked it and would read it again.

"The Dream Stealer" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 3
First off, im not all that fond of Russian Folklore, but because its got baba yaga in it I made an exception.
The story itself is pretty good even though its rather simplistic.
Something I might read again, but wouldnt buy myself.