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Moss <3

So, The old junker Zephyr thats been parked in the driveway since 1994 was finally hauled away today. Under it was a THICK layer of lush green moss... so me being me, I went out and hauled some of the moss in. it came up easy in lush green sheets. I'm gonna wait till my lil sis gets home so I can pull up the rest, but it will all be stored away in my garage for crafting projects... and perhaps costume work. =D

Ive got dirt-smelling hands... with a touch of green scent in there. I love it.

book reviews # 3

So yesterday was my birthday. Went and saw "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" and LOVED IT!!!!!

Anywho, on to the book reviews!
(I rate on a scale of 1- 5, 1 being worst, 5 being great)

The Complete Fairy Tales - Charles Perrault
Rating: 5
I would buy this book. its got nearly the original tellings for quite a few stories of his. =3

From Beast to the Blonde (on fairy tales and their tellers) - Marina Warner
Rating: 5
I would definately buy this book. It talks about fairytales and their archetypes, who their writers were, and why so many variations exist throughout history.

The Rose and the Beast (Fairy tales retold) - Francesca Lia Block
Rating: 3.5
I kinda liked this, but at the same time I kinda didnt... Some of the tales were just too far off the beaten path for me to properly enjoy....

White as Snow - Tanith Lee
Rating: 8
I think this may be my favorite (apart from Gaimen's) retelling of Snow White yet!!!!
Go forth and seek this wonderous book!

The Greenman (tales from the mythic forest) - Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Rating: 4
There were some tales that I will definately look up more books of certian authors. Some tales were humdrum.
I may not buy this book, but I might eventually check it out again from the library.
It is a collection of tales and poems about The Greenman, the forest, and its inhabitants.

Godchild (manga series. 8 volumes) - Kaori Yuki
Rating: 4.5
Kept me engaged. The artwork (as Karoi Yuki always provides) was superbe. Great tale taking place in 19th century london.
I'll have to see if the library has beginning of this series (though this could standalone) "the cain saga"

I know I read more books then this... i'll have to go looking for them. =P


Book reviews #2

So I took a break from reading to dye my hair and whatnot... back to reading again though. =P
(ratings 1-5. 1 being worst, 5 being being best)

"Mirror Mirror" - Gregory Maguire
Rating 4.5
It didn't have an ending... and im pretty sure this isn't part of a series. Other then that I rather liked it. Mirror Mirror is a re-telling of Snow White. I REALLY liked what Maguire has done with the dwarves. Bianca (snow white) is not a princess. There is no step-mother/evil queen, though she is there in a sense. Rather well thought out. I like it!

"Way of the witch" - Jan Siegel
Rating 10!!!!!! (yes i realize my scale only goes to 5. this is how much I enjoyed it!!!)
This book (actually, this was a bound collection of the whole trilogy) made me cry. I want it. If I could find a copy somewhere I would totally buy it...or trade for it.
It takes ordinary people and puts them with the extroirdinary. Magic, Atlantis, Dragons, Evil lurking on every corner... oh how I love it. Words cannot describe. Go out and find it today!!!!

"What-the-dickens (the story of a rogue tooth fairy)" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 3
I had a hard time getting through the first fourth of this book. In fact, it was so slow that I skipped ahead until I saw some interesting words and continued reading.
The only parts I ended up reading were the parts that actually told the tale of the tooth fairy.... I'm sure someone out there would read it in its entirety, but I had not the patience.

"Missing Sisters" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 4.5
It was almost too simplistic for me to enjoy, but I rather liked the storyline and how it was put together.
Kinda like "the parent trap" but with a twist. Twins, nuns, and family.

On the side I'm also reading a big book of Fairy tales by Perrult (which im enjoying) and "the brown fairy book" by andrew lang... which im not enjoying very much at all... I think its because most of the tales in it so far are from the middle east, and in being from there, repeat themselves ALOT...
Also reading "thrall's tale" cant remember the author... its very good though, and "the green man: tales from the mythic forest" which is a collective of tales. also very good so far. =3

More book reviews to come soon!

New year book reviews!

So, after eating some pie last night and shouting to the world "BEST PIE EVER!!!" when the clock struck, I started reading the pile of library books I got yesterday.

Methinks book reviews will be an ongoing thing here on my livejournal.
Ratings 1-5, 5 being very good, 1 being not so good.

First books of the new year:

"The Good Neighbors: Kith" - Holly Black
Rating: 4.5
I'm rather liking this series. This being the second book. It is a graphic novel about faeries in a modern setting. (btw if you havnt read her "tithe" trilogy go do it. thats a definate 5 for me.)

"Kissing the witch (old tales in new skins)" - Emma Donoghue
Rating: 3
I don't know if I liked this or not. On one hand I had to applaud the layout of the book (each story is told in refrence to the preceeding story, each with their own character telling it) but on the other, though some were witty and good, I think they could have been more filled out. I usually love re-told fairy tales... but this one I just dont think I would go out and buy.
(I was however happy that I could figure out what the original tales were. some were tricky.)

"Matchless (a christmas story)" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 4
A VERY simple book with cute illustrations. Not quite adult, not quite childrens... But then again I never thought of "the little match girl" as a childrens tale. Maguire weaves the match girl's tale with that of a little boy, and though melencholy, the tale has more filling.
I rather liked it and would read it again.

"The Dream Stealer" - Gregory Maguire
Rating: 3
First off, im not all that fond of Russian Folklore, but because its got baba yaga in it I made an exception.
The story itself is pretty good even though its rather simplistic.
Something I might read again, but wouldnt buy myself.

Happy New year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
I should hopefully be on here more... if my computer lets me. =P


Long time no write!

I've been busy. ^^

My Jareth costume is almost complete! just need to finish up the shirt sleeve, the gloves, and a little of the vest. the wig is ordered!
I figure i'll get it finished by the time the wig comes, so after it comes I'll post pictures!!! woot!

Found shorts for my greenlady costume, so thats all I really need to do to finish her (paint more leaves and cover the shorts in em) then I'll take piccys of that too!

Pirate-wear, ive got a corset.  im probably gonna end up looking like a steampunk pirate.

I'm only $100 short of FW at this point (this goes to room/transport/food)
Oh so close! I'm very confidant about FW now. ^^

I'm still up for "pick your price" commissions.

Im tryin to plant out the garden. the rain has made this difficult (the full sun areas i need to till and weed, unfortunately get full rain too. lol)


and last but not least... I CANT WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!!
COMFy potluck.
I shall be bringing regular cookies (probably orange chocolate chunk)
and vegan cookies (mocha!)
yum yummi.
seems like theres gonna be a big showup! me and cat both shall be going.... and i really cant wait!



Im absolutely overjoyed today.

what else?

ummm I shall be making stickers soon! (i got some sticker-paper)
Im working diligently on costumes
prolly will make some bookmarks soon
working on FW art
doing needlepoint

oh! I saw some trilliums today. lovely flowers!!!

*hugs to you all*



Okay, so I need to raise a bunch of money BEFORE faerieworlds (july 31-august 2)
I had it in january, but had to help pay bills. =(

the max it usually takes me to complete a well detailed image is 3 days.
I dont have a scanner... so if you want a digital copy it will take longer.... (have to go to a friends house)
I can only accept cash or money order/cashiers check
I will SEND you the original via snail-mail.

my pieces generally sell for $20-30 for an 8.5x11

If you would like to commission me, send me an offer (that you think is fair) as well as what you'd like done.
if you'd like to see some of my past work you can check here:

you can get ahold of me either here, or the_cool_hobbit@yahoo.com (my email)



Woot Woot!
I was finally able to upload some of my new stuff.
(I don't have a scanner and my computer doesn't work with my camera... so I have to upload stuff at friend's houses.)

Here they is! (aha... I loves to writes in bad grammer sometimes)


Spider Fae Spider Fae        Selkie Maiden Selkie Maiden

Contemplation Contemplation   dew fae Dew Fae

INFO (about all four)
Paper type: 90 lb. watercolor paper
Size: 2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO sized)
Media: Watercolor
Time: about 1.5 hrs each
Artist: Kylie Harrell (ME!)
Packaging: Clear sleeve, handmade envelope
Asking price: $5 (+ .50 cents if US, 1.00 if international (for shipping))
Payment types: Money order, cashiers check, or cash

Contact me if you'd like to purchase any of them. =D
*If you purchase more then one, you only pay shipping once.


Faerie Donny Ha
This painting is based off a photo of Donny Ha, to be given to her at Faerieworlds 2009.
I already sent her a copy, and she loves it. So glad she does!
Donny is the wife of Joseph Corsentino. If you havn't checked out his book "Time of the Faeries" do so! its chock full of beautiful faerie photography.

The Thistlewitch   Nicnivin
These two pieces are fanart of characters from Holly Black's book "Tithe"
If you havn't read it, I highly reccomend it.

I am available for commissions!
Need a character drawn? Need a bookcover? Giftart?
I am available!
I'll try my hand at drawing just about anything, though Im best at fantasy and people.
Want someone you  know drawn as a fantasy character? I can do it!
Basic prices are as follows:
8.5" x 11"
Character with no background (like nicnivin)/basic ~ $15 (this includes shipping)
Image with background (like faerie donnie) ~$25 (this includes shipping)
4.5" x 6"
basic ~ $5
detailed ~ $10
Commissions available for USA only!
I accept money orders, cashiers checks, and cash only!



New pieces comming soon!

Art Updates:
I should be getting pictures of my new stuff up this weekend including:

New ACEOs (art card editions and originals)
a few small pieces
some fanart based on Holly Black's book "Tithe"
a few bracelets

I might have a few more images to put up... until then, enjoy one of my older pieces:

Jareth the Goblin King
I drew this in 2004